A new life for your industrial stock

About SecondTech
Industrial parts consist of precious raw materials and have a long lifespan. SecondTech is a circular enterprise and initiator in the re-use of used industrial parts.

Sell your stock
SecondTech can sell the unused industrial parts in your warehouse. The entire preparation and sales process of the parts is carried out autonomously by us. When a part is sold, a percentage of the sales value (as determined by SecondTech) is added to your account, which can be paid out via this website. There are no subscription fees and we handle all contact with customers.

The process
After registration, you have the ability to send us a request in which you indicate the parts you want to offer. SecondTech employees then assess whether the parts are applicable and can be sold. If this is the case, you will be informed in an e-mail. The parts are sent by you to our warehouse address. These are then cleaned, photographed, registered, possibly tested and placed in our own warehouse for sale. The status of the process is visible in your account.

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Terms and conditions

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